Impacto da vida microbiana nos seres humanos

Micro-organismos são seres vivos invisíveis ao olho nu, mas com uma funcionalidade muito complexa e diversa do que a maioria pensa. Eles são vitais para o meio ambiente e consequentemente para a vida humana, importantes no preparo de alimento (fermentação, por exemplo), decomposição de organismos, tratamento de água, ciclo do carbono, liberação de O2 para a respiração de organismos heterótrofos e também atuam em simbiose em organismos multicelulares.

Além dos benefícios, os micro-organismos podem influenciar negativamente a vida humana, tais seres são denominados de patógenos. Muitas doenças infecciosas  microbianas podem ser citadas, como tuberculose, cólera, sarampo, AIDS,
pneumonia, entre outros.  Os estudos dessas doenças acarretou no controle de proliferação, adotando medidas práticas sanitárias,  saúde pública e agentes antimicrobianos

Podemos considerar a ameaça representativa dos micro-organismos poderosa, porém a maioria não é prejudicial, e sim essencial ao ser humano, ao meio ambiente e ao funcionamento do planeta.

Os micro-organismos desempenham um papel importante na indústria alimentícia, vários laticínios dependem da ação microbiana, incluindo a fermentação de queijos, manteiga e iogurte, produzindo derivados de leite. Além disso há produtos dependentes da fermentação de leveduras, como por exemplo produtos de panificação.

Mas também é um fator limitante muito estudado na indústria alimentícia, a decomposição. Ela resulta em enormes perdas de alimentos se exposto por um tempo a ação microbiana, e por consequência a perda do alimento. Então medidas foram tomadas para que houvesse menos perdas. Podemos citar, alimentos enlatados, alimentos desidratados e congelados.

Podemos destacar que a produção de energia, o gás natural (metano). Os organismo fototróficos podem absorver energia, produzindo biomassa. A biomassa microbiana pode ser convertida em biocombustível como etanol ou metanol

Os micro-organismos podem ser utilizados também  para degradar poluentes gerados por humanos, tal processo é denominado de biorremediação. Com o tempo, pode degradar o poluente naturalmente, e então voltando ao seu estado normativo (sem poluentes). Atualmente cientistas estão estudando novas medidas para combater novos tipos de poluição do ser humano por biorremediação.

Os micro-organismos tem infinidades de funções além dessas citadas, tanto maléficas quanto benéficas para o ser humano, mas de tal amplitude que é considerado impossível estudar todas as espécies, porque micro-organismos possui uma variabilidade genética altíssima, e a cada momento se diferenciam mais. Então sempre sobrará temas de sobras, e que sempre haja cada vez mais estudos para a melhora da vida humana e do meio ambiente.


Microbiologia de Brock 12° edição


6 comentários sobre “Impacto da vida microbiana nos seres humanos

  1. I am really bummed out that I don’t speak this language . I’m going to guess Portuguese? My computer broke and I need a really special type to stay safe with multiple chemical sensitivity because when the plastics and the pesticides sprayed on electronics heat up it is like a tyre fire for me but I should have a real computer soon . Then I can do translation which I can’t do with my tablet for some reason . I especially want to know what this post is about . I as an animist who loves science really like the graphic explaining how different species see things . I went through two years of worshiping bacteria as a kind of old testament God , like ” thank you for creating 70% of the atmosphere and maintaining it , thank you for allowing me to digest food , thank you for figuring out what to do with that toxic substance oxygen , ” with a healthy amount of ” please don’t smite me with disease and kill me .” The weirdest part of that for me is I already had Lyme disease which you probably know is a major bacteria infection that goes all throughout your body and mimics every possible illness there is and has mutated so quickly the tests that are done are only 55% accurate at best unless you pay out of pocket $200 to one laboratory in California. Because of getting much more ill over the last seven years and you can’t account for it just being severe multiple chemical sensitivity and I haven’t gotten any better with MCS in spite of every treatment , I spent to the $600 to be tested for Lyme disease and the two worst co-infections and it turns out I also was given what normally would have been seen as malaria , the symptoms are the same and they look almost exactly the same under a microscope and it is a parasite that lives in my red blood cells .

    So there I was studying the importance of bacteria and even building little shrines to it for being the most powerful being I could possibly imagine with the power of life and death over the whole planet and it’s in me killing me! That is really weird . Although the parasite is weirder and much harder to treat but with MCS treating Lyme disease is almost impossible because I cannot detoxify the dead bacteria and my own dead white blood cells so it all builds up inside . But with the parasite when I have the worst malaria symptoms I am so completely aware that there is another person inside of me controlling not just my body but my brain , my thoughts and my emotions , it’s really terrifying. Sharing your body with a parasite is psychologically really hard to handle because you don’t want anyone but you be deciding what your emotions will be but if the parasite goes to the brain , you have no power , which is also true with lime disease , the infections can go anywhere and they move around every few days or every few weeks so the symptoms are completely unpredictable but when you have the two together it makes the emotional symptoms much more powerful because of the control over your endocrine system along with your central nervous system and having it inside of me, I can feel the bacteria as infection and inflammation but I swear the parasite feels like something more self-aware or more aware of me being aware of it , it’s creepy .

    So the microbial world which is the most fascinating to me , like that mitochondria has its own DNA and is a synergetic interdependent relationship with the rest of me , that 4 pounds of me is bacteria in the gut , that everything is controlled by by the microbe world when it comes to the real life and death issues for a whole planet but I have a really healthy and unfortunately realistic terror of bacteria for the first time . If I get a cut or am burned I know to put honey on it. I knew to clean my house during the winter with a little bit of thyme oil to prevent getting the flu . But where I live 50% of the ticks tested carry Lyme disease now end children don’t roll down hills anymore and people don’t make love in the forest and hikers have to be dressed with every part of them covered and even if you went outside for just a second you need someone to do a full body check .

    Yet at the same time there’s something very humbling about the experience which also makes me feel much more like a normal human being on a historical level because of that “ice age man ” they defrosted actually had lime disease! And throughout history normally human beings live with parasites, worms , fungal infections, bacterial infections and that’s why we have something like the appendix , a Batcave of bacteria waiting to fill the intestines in case some illness happens that wipes out all of the necessary got communities . I used to pray to the bacteria in my stomach to live in happy communes and I now know that Lyme disease has given me leaky gut syndrome . That there is Candida fungal infections inside my intestines that have eaten their way to make holes which is why I can only eat a few foods. This is one of the reasons why chronic Lyme disease is so hard to treat , tickborne illnesses usually are not just one bacteria or parasite anymore if they ever were but when your body is so rundown it makes you a perfect target for everything else to move in especially how imbalanced your bacteria gets and then your enzymes stop being able to function correctly and it just goes downhill as any dormant virus can take over , it is really complex and isn’t at all one germ one antibiotic, so most doctors have no idea what to do .

    But if I read anything in history this is normal . Being sick is really a normal human experience and it’s one that most people around the world live with as a average event and all of my ancestors would have known this sort of disease and so many others . So being chronically ill is part of being human and it strips away all illusions of human centric power and I think actually makes people more spiritual because you are so acutely aware that you are not very powerful . If you don’t have something spiritual to hold onto you won’t make it because it requires something to keep you going and living in a culture that declares that healthy is the normal way for humans to be and everything else is some sort of personal sin based on Calvinism and the new age makes it perfect to destroy any loving realistic spiritual experience that any of our ancestors would have had and would’ve had collectively because people wouldn’t be isolated and forgotten about and told it’s a personal issue , over 50% of Americans have a chronic illness so it’s obviously a community issue that affects the people who love them to . But there is such a stigma against people who cannot get better and be scientific proof of progress as if it is a moral failing , people who are chronically ill often discuss how other people like to think that somehow it cannot happen to them so we must’ve done something to deserve it spiritually or morally as a way to be superstitious and protect themselves

    I really don’t know what your blog is about honestly but I feel like it must have something to do with the environment and the role that microbial life plays as one category and it is very much a human experience not something abstract .

    Plus Lyme disease is caused by climate change , the epidemic is, because as it gets warmer the lifecycle is lengthened and as humans keep moving into territory where deer live you get an explosion of Lyme disease even though the main carrier right now are mice. And there was/ is an island off of Massachusetts , the epicenter for the outbreak , which was a research facility experimenting with tickborne illnesses and was on an island so none of the ticks could get off but if you think of all the workers and deliveries some of them are going to leave , what they were doing on that island no one really knows but there are only two kinds of science funded anymore and that is either warfare or a big Pharma so it is generally assumed that some sort of Supertick escaped which is one of the reasons why Lyme disease is mutating and doesn’t show up on the regular tests like it used to. When that gets connected to the genetically modified mosquitoes that are supposed to carry the vaccine for treatment for malaria or other viruses parasites etc. when they bite you , it’s really frightening that people are trying to play God without any idea of the big picture or the interconnectedness of life and this Cartesian mentality will be the death of us all .

    Sometimes I wish that everyone would at least agree to follow the only real rule in Taoism. Do nothing against nature . Nature knows what it’s doing , it works don’t screw with it. It is far more complicated than we can comprehend . We have no idea when we tug at one thread what we are unraveling . Plus it is the first written down anarchist writing for society . It’s not even my religion but it’s so simple and intuitive yet logical , there really isn’t any way to try to screw with it to make it match some sort of hidden agenda . I’m not talking about the later additions with all of the celestial scribes etc. I don’t know anything about that later stuff . But it is really hard to screw up people and the world with Taoism .

    Anyway, I look forward to when I have my computer and I hope it isn’t so toxic that I have to wait six months for all the chemicals to burn off so I can actually read your blog . By the way I don’t follow blogs, I bookmark them so I can read them when I’m feeling in the place where I can actually focus and think about it because if they are sprung on me I’m probably too sick to be able to properly process it and what is the point of reading something if you don’t think about it ? I just thought I’d let you know . If I try following blogs I just and up deleting them when they show up because I’m not in a place where I can take in the information so by bookmarking I have places where I go when I’m in the space to read what they are about .

    I am going to guess that you speak English and Spanish because of having posts from those languages and because most people in the world speak more than one language and if you are in Brazil or Portugal you are definitely either in an incredibly multicultural nation, Brazil , for you are like most Europeans aside from the British and Irish fluent in a few languages, especially the smaller the nation in Europe the more languages you seem to be expected to know . The British and the Irish are so isolated I think it’s different , but if you live in Paris or Berlin you don’t really need to learn anything other than French or German but when you go to Belgium or Holland people speak six languages and I lived in a Portuguese neighborhood for a while and the older Portuguese people especially from the islands didn’t speak anything except Portuguese or English , but one of my closest friends who is from the Azona Islands told me 15 years ago that everything completely has changed , cable-television has a profound effect on language LOL. I was surprised at how many different languages are on television in Holland and in Malta .

    Oh this is really long ! For some reason I feel the need to explain why I think that you speak three languages , I slept for 20 hours and have had a mild fever so I’m kind of out of it plus I haven’t had any human contact aside from talking to a doctor over the phone once in 52 days so solitary confinement gives you a lot of time just think but not a lot of places to think with other people involved , it’s one reason why I write political prisoners and do pagan prison ministry , I have an understanding of what being caged is like

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    • Hello,
      Yes, it’s portuguesse, you were right haha.
      Sorry for answer so late, but your text is too long for read and answer quickly.

      That post says about how microorganisms affects humans.

      I’m sorry for your sickness, but I’m not a doctor, so it’s possible that I do not know their disease.

      well, I speak Portuguese, and I’m from Brazil. But I speak English (at least understand and can respond, maybe somethings is wrong) and a little Spanish. Even though Portuguese and Spanish are relatives, is complicated anyway, languages provided from Latin are usually difficult.

      Take care of yourself, and I hope you get better soon.

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  2. O envio da mensagem é muito interessante. Estou tomando um parágrafo de cada vez e traduzi-la através, então eu estou esperando que eu estou lendo corretamente. Eu acredito que você pode adicionar este plug-in para o seu site.
    Muito obrigado, Kathryn em San Diego CA, USA

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    • Hi,
      You can talk in english if you want, I’ll understand. Maybe soon I’ll post in english, then more people will be able to read. while I do not, the translate google is a nice tool 🙂
      Take care.

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  3. Bacana seu post! Bastante informativo.
    Se me permite, segue aqui uma leitura complementar sobre os microorganismos. Trata-se de um post publicado por um colaborador no meu blog: (
    Ali são abordados também alguns outros aspectos dos microorganismos.
    Quanto ao conhecimento da biodiversidade microbiana, esse tema está em franco desenvolvimento atualmente devido à técnicas de sequenciamento genético em massa que vem sendo aplicado por cientistas de todo o Mundo. Aqui no Brasil tem algumas pessoas trabalhando com isso. No meu laboratório, temos alguma linhas de pesquisa ligadas a esse tema e atualmente estamos fazendo uma biblioteca (tipo um museu) de espécies de bactérias para em breve começar a identificá-las.
    Parabéns pelo blog!

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