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  1. Yes. Wake up everybody. Plastic will be our undoing, unless we change our wasteful ways.

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    • Yes, the human race needs to wake up quickly. It is too difficult to reduce the waste, but it is with awareness that everything begin.

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      • We could change habits without trying very hard, such as using reusable bags and boycotting plastic and packaging as much as possible. It would improve nutrition and reduce the amount of money that goes into packaging rather than product.

        The key to reducing the amount of waste getting into the oceans is to make recycling that waste profitable. I’m hearing of energy plants that burn trash. We had one in Savannah, which for some reason is currently inactive. Also, there are companies that use methane (otherwise known as natural gas) from landfill to power their operations. I’ve only begun to research this and hope others of like mind will look into it, too. There’s a lot of potential for technology and job development in areas we have so far overlooked.

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      • we have many ways to live sustainably, each one must do his part. But the biggest pollution potential is in large companies, and they think only about profit. So if find a cheaper sustainable way to replace materials that pollute, would be ideal. But anyway we need to stop them, so maybe our world still has salvation.

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      • I’m a minimalist in my own life. It’s amazing how little I really need to survive and flourish, but the pressure to spend comes from every direction.

        We could slow them down by targeting their stocks. The worst offenders are the dividend-paying stocks, which cut corners at both ends to pay dividends to do-nothing shareholders. I believe they make more money churning stock than selling products. If they had to clean up their own messes–or stop creating them–dividends would suffer, and do-nothing shareholders would buy less stock.


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